Yuna’s Farewell! Release Date & Plot


Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 has a release date coming up this week. The Manhwa is currently taking a break from all the action packed outings. This time human emotions like love, caring and affection are in the spotlight. So Yuna leaves the next day and Ijin still couldn’t confess his love to her. Therefore, it is possible that the same thing will take place in the next episode.

The following Teenage Mercenary story arc will deal with Yuna’s farewell. Seongha’s plan to send her away and take her share of the company finally takes shape. But it could also be seen that she didn’t want to take any shares in the company at all. So does Yuna make the right decision?

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90

Mercenary Recruitment Chapter 90: What Will Happen Next?

The next chapter of Teenage Mercenary will deal with Yuna’s departure. So far, there hasn’t been a catch that could possibly stop her from leaving the country and staying with Ijin. So it must be final that she leaves the country immediately. But you never know what might happen, even at the last minute. Therefore, it’s possible that Ijin or some other factor is causing Yuna to lag behind.

In addition, the love story between the two never had a happy ending. In fact, there was no confession or appeal between the two. Therefore, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 might as well be the outing that reveals a confession for the two. It will be interesting to see how the farewell goes.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90

Summary of the previous chapter!

Mercenary Registration Chapter 89 began with Yuna sitting with her brother, who informed her of her departure. He said she had to end it as soon as possible. That same night, Yuna met up with Ijin, and he was the only one who made her feel good about her departure. Then she leaned over to him and asked if he would keep a secret.

Yuna revealed that there had been times in the past when she had been better than Seojku in combat. The meeting was cut short when an agent was sent to call Yuna. At home she met up with Seojku, who didn’t know she was leaving. The chapter ended with a cordial chat between Ijin and the President of the SW Group. It was the first time Ijin had spoken about family and what it meant to him.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90

Mercenary Registration Chapter 90: Release Date

There is little pause in the release of Teenage Mercenary chapters. The Manhwa comes out non-stop with new chapters every week. This week’s excursion will also be published on the weekend. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 will finally be released on June 18, 2022. Fans can only catch up on all chapters on the official Naver, Webtoon and Kakaopage pages. So keep an eye on The Anime Daily for more information on it.


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