Would The Vaccine From Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Be Approved?

Johnson & Johnson’s highly anticipated vaccine will be shipped as early as Monday. FDA will soon take a decision on the vaccine and 4 million doses will be ready for shipment.

Would The Vaccine From Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Be Approved?

The company will meet with a panel of members from the Food and Drug Administration. This has been the nation’s third vaccine for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and boosting immunity.

Would The Vaccine From Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Be Approved?

The vaccine has been up for review by an advisory panel that includes experts, doctors, and scientists. This has been a crucial part that decides whether the residents of the US will get to use the new vaccine or not. All it lacks is a recommendation and push from the panel, to allow the vaccine to be available for all the residents. If things work as expected, then 4 million doses would be shipped on Monday. President Joe Biden said that the government will plan to roll out quickly for the vaccine if the FDA approved it. The unique thing about the vaccine is that it requires only a single shot and that’s it. Your anxiety and stress about getting the vaccination will subside.

But Moderna and Pfizer are both running on a  2 vaccine series where you need to take the first vaccine and second vaccine within a difference of 3-4 weeks. Well, Johnson and Johnson’s subsidiary, Jannsen Pharmaceuticals have developed a vaccine that only takes a  single shot of vaccine for the recipient to immunize their body. This has been called a relatively easier vaccine to handle as it can be stored in a refrigerator.  Once approved, the company has been preparing for the 4 million doses as an initial supply. 20 million doses of the vaccine will be made available for the patients by end of March. Getting the 3rd vaccine approved means that 130 million adults will be vaccinated with the support of Moderna and Pfizer doses, which would be vaccinating among half of the American population.

J&J claims that 100 million vaccine doses will be manufactured when June 2021 ends. This will allow the U.S government to be in a pole position to carry surplus amounts of vaccines. On the other hand, Pfizer and Moderna have promised to deliver vaccines that could immunize 300 million adults.

Initially, the J&J vaccine will only be provided to adults. The vaccine manufacturers are considering the safety of children and that’s why they are still checking out through research and tests whether it will be risky to include children for vaccines. Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease expert claimed that teen children can try out the vaccine as the winter falls and younger children will be offered the vaccine by the beginning of January.

For the time being J&J is for adults only and 40,000 of them were part of the clinical trial conducted.

The most crucial part was to test in countries where there are contagious variants of the coronavirus, especially in Brazil and South Africa. But the results were positive and the vaccine defended well against all variants and prevented the virus from severe cases.

Once approved, The J&J vaccine supply will be expanded to local pharmacies and every mass vaccination spot. Older Americans who live alone, people with underlying conditions at severe risk,  and essential workers including teachers will be prioritized.

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