Will There Ever Be A Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 2?

As most fans already know, there’s already an incredibly topical Jack Ryan project, the Amazon Prime TV series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, which stars John Krasinski as Jack. So far, fans have watched two seasons of the show on Amazon Prime, and most reviews have been positive (via Rotten Tomatoes). Production on Season 3 recently wrapped, and in October 2021 it was reported that it was also renewed for Season 4 (via The Hollywood Reporter). Needless to say, this Jack Ryan project is still going strong, which unfortunately means it would be very unlikely for Chris Pine to continue his role as Jack in the films.

Not only would it be confusing for Pine to make a film starring the same character Krasinski currently portrays, but back in 2014 after the release of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Pine spoke to Variety about a possible sequel. He noted that it probably won’t happen because it didn’t make enough money, which is true given that the film barely grossed $50 million domestically on a $60 million budget (via Box Office Mojo). Pine explained at the time that it was one of his “deepest regrets” that they didn’t seem to get Jack Ryan right in his film.

While some believe it’s worth another look (via Collider), based on the success of the new Jack Ryan series and Pine’s comments, we probably won’t be getting a Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit sequel, at least any time soon.

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