Will Tenji Back Out? Release Date & Plot


Eight episodes have passed and Tomodachi Game has yet to deliver an episode that can highlight the anime as a notable anime of the summer list. For the past two months, all episodes of the series have continued to be mediocre. But the most striking thing in the anime at this point is the arrival of a new team. Tomodachi Game Episode 9 has a proper release date for this week. So here’s everything you need to know about the latest outing.

In the following episodes, Group K will continue to be the main target for the guys from Yuichi’s team. But in the current scenario, it is important for them to focus on the game. Will Yuichi be able to carry out his plan the way he wanted? Only the next excursion will reveal all the answers.

Episode 9 of the Tomodachi game

Tomodachi Game Episode 9: What will happen next?

The title of the upcoming outing was not mentioned in the official listings. But fans will see the breaking of Tenji’s patience in the next chapter. Yuichi told him not to leave the room until the end of the game. Also, viewers don’t know what’s happening in the game either. The game between Group C and Group K can go in any direction.

But Yuichi would definitely want them to win against one of the strongest teams in the game. Also, fans are expecting the anime to ditch its mediocre storylines as team games take the spotlight. Tomodachi Game Episode 9 starts with Tenji trying to sneak out of the room. He wants to see what the team does in the game without him. But will this cause a problem for her team?

Episode 9 of the Tomodachi game

Summary of the previous episode!

Tomodachi Game Episode 8 had a lot for the fans to explore. The title of last week’s outing was Friendship Hide and Seek. So the episode marked the entry of another group who played the game elsewhere. It was then confirmed that these individuals were not the same as the players currently in the game. The level of coordination and wit they played with was higher than what was available.

However, Yuichi was more confident and trusting in Group C than in Group K. So, Yuichi instructed Tenji to hide throughout the gameplay so they could use him as an element of surprise at the end once the game was announced. The episode came to an end as many days passed while Tenji waited in hiding.

Episode 9 of the Tomodachi game

Tomodachi Game Episode 9 Release Date

Thankfully, there’s no break in publication for this week’s episode. So the answer to all the questions will come out this week itself. So, the final release date for Tomodachi Game Episode 9 is June 1st, 2022. Fans can watch all episodes of the anime only on Crunchyroll official pages. Finally, keep in touch with The Anime Daily for more information about it.


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