Will Ozark Get A Spin-Off?

With Ruth and Mel’s bodies still warm, it’s too early to know if Netflix will ever greenlight Ozark spin-offs. As of this writing, the streamer hasn’t made an official statement one way or another. In an interview with Netflix website Tudum, showrunner Chris Mundy stressed that leaving things open to spin-offs isn’t the show’s goal. “We did four – sort of five – seasons of 44 episodes,” Mundy said. “And I want them to feel like a whole, not like they were built to go somewhere else.”

However, Mundy also acknowledged that there are still many possibilities for stories based on the characters and events of “Ozark” and that he may be willing to be a part of it. “There’s a whole show that could be built around Gary flying out of the 80th floor of a building, and then that’s an investigation,” Mundy said, explaining that there are numerous unexplored storylines in the show. “It’s been the last six years of my life and it’s been a lot of fun. So it would almost certainly be a great time to do more in this world.”

Knowing that Mundy is ready to move on will no doubt encourage fans to get more stories about the Byrdes, the Navarros, Mel, or even a closer look at Wendy’s troubled relationship with her father, Nathan (Richard Thomas). Unfortunately, for now, all they have to do is hope for such additional stories.

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