Why You Wouldn’t Survive Life In Dishonored

Life in Dunwall is pretty great – if you’re part of the aristocracy. Who doesn’t love partying all night in clean mansions while the common rabble dies of disease? No matter that the plague was started by the royal spymaster himself in an attempt to eradicate poverty in the city by killing all the poor people (which, in fairness, is only so easy vicious than the wage workhouses of 1834). As the disease spread from the slums and spiraled out of control, the good lord assembled a faction to stage a coup intended to cover his part in the disaster, killed the empress, proclaimed himself regent, and bricked up every infected part of the Run down town with impassable steampunk force fields.

Sure, the residents would die miserably and have to search for food and Fight the neighbors who turned into aggressive zombies in the final stages of the disease. Without modern conveniences like adequate water and sanitation — as well as navigating so-called “home remedies” and medicines sold by shady characters — surviving the quarantine wouldn’t be easy. But what do the people in power care? Important to this plan was that the status quo remained untouched.

Welcome to Victorian England, but worse. In real life, London only invested in a new sewage system after a cholera scare in Parliament (post 30 years an ongoing crisis for basically everyone else). Dunwall’s military technology means those in power never have to worry about the plague leaving the slums.

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