Why You Probably Won’t See Jesse And Walt Again After Better Call Saul

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul spoke briefly about their highly anticipated upcoming appearances on Better Call Saul, including the hilarious efforts AMC made to keep their presence on set a secret until they were ready them to confirm the cameos. Overall, though, they couldn’t reveal much about what to expect other than saying that fans will be excited to see how the characters unfold. Author John Lonsdale then asked Cranston and Paul if they had any plans to reprise their roles in another capacity, possibly in another spin-off series or even in another Breaking Bad film, the El Camino. would follow.

First, Cranston joked, “Actually, it’s funny that you mention that,” Cranston says, “because Aaron and I appear as Walt and Jesse on Dancing With the Stars.” In response, Paul just laughed and said, “Oh my god.”

Cranston then responded in earnest, revealing that the two would love to work together again — just not as Walt and Jesse. Cranston said, “We have to let these characters go so we can take on new ones.”

The actor also made it clear that the two are more focused on their growing mezcal business, Dos Hombres, at the moment, so it may be a while before we see the pair back together on screen — aside from their mysterious coming appearances this season from “Better Call Saul”, ie. And if they do star together in a future project, they most likely won’t do so again as Walt and Jesse.

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