Why Wayne Fans Think Reggie Is The Best Villain

In a post on the r/Wayne subreddit, u/KevinKelbie wrote, “Reggie has to be one of my favorite villains in recent memory, some of the [stuff] he said, was hilarious and he was a pretty good opposite of Wayne from the moment they met until their last interaction, both equally violent too.” Several users echoed the original poster’s praise for Reggie’s Full Auto Guns brought me laughs I had to pause the video,” u/musician wrote. In a separate thread, another Redditor, u/I_Like_Hammers2, compared Reggie to Florida Man, the memetic depiction of weird Sunshine State men who often commit unusual crimes.

Wayne’s struggles with his stepbrother – who sports a pair of gold teeth with black gothic letters spelling out “killer” – are mostly psychological until the series finale when the two clash in an abandoned police station. The actor behind this awesome grill, Francesco Antonio, told Movie Moves Me’s Ulkar Alakbarova, “Reggie is like the ultimate antagonist. He’s not a nice guy, gold teeth, tattoos, and what’s special about Wayne is that this kid is almost indestructible. but Reggie ends up being his counterpart.” Antonio added that Reggie is one of the most interesting characters he’s played to date, noting that he thinks he could have brought more to the role if Wayne didn’t would have been dismissed.

The last episode of “Wayne” aired more than three years ago and ended on a cliffhanger when our hero with a broken arm and his precious Trans Am was vandalized. Fans have been asking for more from Wayne, Del and Reggie, but maybe they’re just missing it.

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