Why The Witcher Director Calls Henry Cavill A Joy To Work With

In 2020, Marc Jobst visited Reddit for a Q&A session with the Witcher community, answering a variety of questions along the way. One such request came from user greywanderer77, who asked him what it’s like to work with famous actors and if they cause any problems during production. Jobst responded that when working on any project, building trust and collaboration is paramount to success. He then states that the best actors are willing to direct without a hitch, which Henry Cavill did greatly, which made the shoot very enjoyable.

“It was a great pleasure to work with Henry Cavill. He embraced directing and couldn’t have been more responsive,” Jobst said, and as it turns out, the experience wasn’t unique to him. During an interview on Brigade Radio One’s YouTube channel, Witcher season 2 director Stephen Surjik expressed similar views on Cavill’s work ethic. Not only did he praise the actor for his keen professionalism on set, but Surjik also mentioned that he’s a genuinely kind, personable person who would make every effort to interact with anyone he could.

All in all, it sounds like Henry Cavill is a good-natured, helpful figure on the “Witcher” set – certainly a far cry from the often cold, cynical Geralt of Rivia we know him as.

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