Why The Boys Season 2’s Love Sausage Scene Was Such A Shocker For Laz Alonso

In a group interview for GQ (via YouTube), “The Boys” castmates Laz Alonso and Karen Fukuhara revealed that the scene where Alonso’s character Mother’s Milk is attacked by Love Sausages, ahem, sausages, came as a huge shock to him . In fact, the actor was so confident it couldn’t possibly be that he assumed he was being pranked. “I noticed that some of my colleagues were taking sneaky pictures during rehearsals without being noticed,” Alonso said, pointing to Fukuhara.

“You thought Karl [Urban] played a prank on you,” Fukuhara replied, going on to explain how Alonso addressed her in complete disbelief, asking if it was just a joke that everyone but him seemed to jump into. The Breastmilk actor went on to explain that the scene had one added in new drafts of the script, and his copy wasn’t the most current version.”In the first draft, my character just sees him on the CCTV screen and just says, ‘Oh man, bruh’s got a love sausage.’ That’s it! And then in Draft 11 it chokes me,” he recalled.

However, Alonso made it clear that his suspicions were raised because everyone on set found the scene so hilarious. “Everyone’s laughing and giggling, and I’m like, ‘Guys, is this really happening?’ They say, ‘You might want to ask for a new copy of the script.'” Afterward, Alonso says he rushed to his trailer with the updated copy and freaked out while reading it, but admitted people on social media loved it would have .

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