Why Supernatural Is Not At All What First-Time Viewers Expect

On the Supernatural Reddit page, u/ch5697 shared a meme expressing how shocking the show is from the opening moments of the very first episode, as opposed to the impression people might get from the more humorous moments that often in GIFs and other fan content shared across social media. Fans responded knowingly with u/ingsara98 quipping, “Don’t worry season 1 is the happy season get ready for more pain.”

In fact, the show has a much darker tone than even creator Eric Kripke’s original description of the series implied. According to Entertainment Weekly, Kripke first described the show during his first pitch in 2004 as “Two brothers cruising down dusty back roads in their trusty ’64 Mustang fighting the things that drive around in the night.” Kripke may have undercut more horror-oriented elements of the series. The first episode of Season 1 begins with the horrific murder of Mary (Samantha Smith), the mother of Sam and Dean Winchester, by the demon Azazel (Jeffery Dean Morgan). Mary is nailed to the ceiling and burned alive while a young Dean (Hunter Brochu) and toddler Sam escape the house. It’s true that the ’64 Mustang has a lot of prominence from this point on, but in reference to Kripke’s throw, “things that bump” is putting it mildly.

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