Why Some Ozark Fans Just Can’t Root For The Byrdes

As far back as April 2022, before the series finale of “Ozark” came out, fans were contemplating what at times felt like a straight-forward horror story, only with seedy casinos instead of serial killers. As much as the Byrdes lived in a nightmare, many agreed that it was no one else’s fault but their own for not being able to bond.

A Reddit user, u/TantalizeMe3x, spoke about Marty and Wendy, saying in their words, “Both characters are just such morally bankrupt, BS artists (talented, I’d say) who ruin pretty much every life they come across As a result, one person they had no trouble supporting was Ruth (Julia Garner), who was 100% real until the tragic end of her character arc.

This fan wasn’t the only one who thought so, and u/Monolith0428 added, “Ruth is definitely the easiest character to sympathize with and relate to. Everyone else on the show is an amoral monster except for Charlotte and Jonah, and, IMO, Marty. I still think he has his humanity despite his flaws. That checks out. It was clear by the end of the series that Marty – however skewed his moral compass may have been – was operating in hopes that he could put all this dreadful business behind him… eventually. Unfortunately we never experience that.

Still, the actor behind the money laundering had some ideas about what fate awaited the Byrde family, and it could have happened if justice was done.

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