Why Some Moon Knight Fans Think Harrow Was Right All Along

Following the events of the explosive finale of Moon Knight season 1, fans swarmed to discuss the episode on Reddit, with many horrified by Khonshu’s manipulation. The final episode shows that Khonshu has more control than Marc or Steven ever knew, as the third personality, Jake Lockley, is all set to do the Moon God’s dirty work. As a result of this revelation, some fans seem to agree with Harrow on Khonshu. U/PepperDoesStuff set the tone, writing: “Khonshu is such a garbage bag. He actually takes advantage of Mark’s insanity. That’s exactly what Harrow accused him of in this trial. I 100% believe Harrow’s claim that Khonshu was terrible for him. “

Some fans pointed out that Khonshu is an equally dark character in the comics. In fact, at one point, the comic book version of Khonshu invents a version of the psychiatry we see on the show just to keep Marc under his control. As u/whereismymind86 put it: “For example, in the 2016 comics, the Asylum is implied to be an illusion created by Ammit…but we ultimately discover that it was created by Khonshu to manipulate Marc and keep him in one vulnerable and therefore obedient state.”

When it comes to Harrow, some fans think Khonshu’s manipulative behavior casts him in a more sympathetic light, with u/SlightCarpet writing, “Harrow doesn’t seem all that ‘evil’ actually, just severely traumatized from working with Khonshu.” Given the potential for a second season of Moon Knight, it’s possible we haven’t seen the extent of what Khonshu is truly capable of, but many fans are hoping he’ll just leave Marc alone.

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