Why Sheldon Is The Worst Character On Young Sheldon According To Some Fans

The Reddit poster u/ilkba took to the internet’s favorite forum and started a discussion about Sheldon’s status in Young Sheldon by saying, “I feel like most of the moments I’ve seen in the last few seasons of Young Sheldon on most enjoyed did not involve him. I personally find Missy/Georgie more interesting and fun than Sheldon. The same goes for much of the adult cast.” That statement sparked an instant reaction from other Reddit residents, with the post receiving an 88% positive rating and u/ReadySetGO0 responding, “I love Young Sheldon. Every character is cast so perfectly .But yes, Sheldon is often outshone by the talented cast.”

u/skribsbb expanded on this by listing two main issues with young Sheldon’s character – the first being that there is little room for character development as the adult version of Sheldon is “basically a giant male child”. He has no real peers on the show, or at least no one to compare himself to intellectually, other than college-level professors. While amusing at times, he can only have the same type of interactions with other characters so many times before it starts to feel boring.

Meanwhile, u/kapitalsnow thinks the younger version of Sheldon is hard to sell, mainly because Sheldon is irritating but likeable in The Big Bang Theory – but in Young Sheldon he tends to focus on things that they feel is the wrong characterization for Sheldon. u/Teenageboy18 agreed, noting that shifting Sheldon’s focus to a new thing in each episode is a pretty annoying trope. Given these comments, it seems like some “Young Sheldon” fans aren’t really the biggest supporters of the title character.

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