Why Phoenix From Top Gun: Maverick Looks So Familiar

Monica Barbaro launched with a series of one-off television appearances. These include guest appearances in films such as “Hawaii Five-0” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”. However, as of 2016, she finally got a bigger role with a part in the Lifetime series UnREAL. It’s safe to say that more people are aware of what fake reality dating shows can be like, and “UnREAL” takes viewers behind the scenes of the crazy, behind-the-scenes drama that unfolds with a fictional series.

Barbaro played Yael, aka Hot Rachel, one of the show’s contestants but is actually an undercover reporter trying to uncover the show’s mysteries. It’s a juicy role given how different Yael is from the other candidates, and Barbaro spoke at length about it to Cosmopolitan. Describing her character, Barbaro admits, “She’s absolutely Type-A and wants to win. You will see moments when she is absolutely not good at getting what she wants. All girls encounter this problem with Darius. Don’t force anyone to love you. It’s kind of confusing for her and all the girls.”

Her role on UnREAL was cut short, but it wasn’t long before the actress appeared in her next gig.

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