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Super Hero Andrew Garfield Holding Banana In SAG Awards Red Carpet?? Andrew Garfield Showed Up To SAG Awards 2022 Looking All Elegant and Holding A Banana!!

Red Carpet appearances are about looking the best version of yourself. And every person who attended the SAG Awards was nothing but dressed to impress.

There was one celeb who clearly has a track record of turning heads when stepping on red carpets thanks

to his chic style, however this time, it wasn’t just his fashionable look that turned heads on the SAG Awards red carpet but the banana.

Andrew Garfield Showed Up To SAG Awards 2022 Looking All Elegant and Holding A Banana!!

You might be wondering ‘what’s that is a banana?. Indeed, a banana attracted the attention of a lot of attendees of the SAG Awards because it was hosted by America’s top Spider-Man Andrew Garfield.

Although it may seem odd to witness a famous person at a famous awards shows holding a fruit,

andrew garfield

Andrew Garfield was looking elegant in his black suit and expensive watch , and also appearing adorable holding an unripe banana in his hand.

You know what, I’m not kidding this is Andrew Garfield whatever he does and he’ll only appear more attractive.

Perhaps you are asking the question: why was the banana he was carrying? That’s an issue that only Garfield will know answers to.

Perhaps he was hungry and didn’t have time to eat prior to his appearance on the SAG Awards red carpet, which is why he snatched the banana off his kitchen counter.

Whatever the reason the fruit in Andrew Garfield’s hands has attracted much attention from many and Garfield’s supporters call him a hottie and a cutie because that man is a hottie and cute.

Andrew Garfield was nominated in the category of Outstanding Leading Actor in an Motion Picture for his movie “tick, tick…BOOM!’

.Will Smith won the award of Outstanding Leading Actor in the category of Outstanding Leading Actor in a Motion Picture for the movie King Richard. Andrew Garfield is also nominated for an Oscar for the award of Best Actor for the movie “tick, tick…BOOM!’.

The film ‘tick tick…BOOM! is based on the autobiographical musical of Jonathan Larson and features an eager musical composer from New York who struggles with his professional life and is unsure of his choice of pursuing the path of composer.

The movie premiered the 10th of November, 2021 during AFI Fest. AFI Fest and then the film was released on Netflix.

Following the film’s release on Netflix”tick tick…BOOM has received a number of favorable reviews, both for the film as well as the acting, specifically the performance by Andrew Garfield.

In recognition of his performance in the film, Garfield received the Golden Globe Award For Best Actor , and fans of movies across the globe expect that Garfield will win his Oscar Award this time for his role in ‘tick tick…BOOM’.

The film is also being considered to win an Oscar Award in the category of Best Film Editing and was also ranked among the top films to be released in 2021 , by the American Film Institute.

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