Why Margot From First Kill Looks So Familiar

First Kill is a significant development on Netflix because it’s about an explicitly queer romance. Margot is the matriarch of the Fairmont family and as such she only wants what is best for her daughter. However, this is at odds when she becomes interested in Cal. This isn’t the first time Elizabeth Mitchell has been part of an LGBTQ+-themed story.

she played dr Kim Legaspi starred in 14 episodes of “ER” from 2000 to 2001. She initially develops a friendship with Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes), but it quickly turns into something more romantic when Kerry realizes that Dr. Legaspi is a lesbian. The relationship doesn’t last long as Kerry is still not dating everyone in her life at this point, and when a doctor, Dr. Turns on Legaspi, Kerry refuses to support her. This prompts Kim to end their relationship, and it’s not long before she’s released from County General Hospital.

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