Why Frenchie From Our Flag Means Death Looks So Familiar

Oh, Game of Thrones – a show that was 90% flawless but will be discredited for that disastrous last 10%. It started out as a woefully underfunded underdog for the first few seasons, but as its popularity grew, HBO spared no expense in providing epic CGI dragons, stunning fight scenes, and some huge plot-changing explosions. All of this happened between political espionage, sex, brilliantly choreographed fight scenes, sex, magical assassinations and more sex. The show has something for everyone.

Joel Fry appeared in eight episodes spanning seasons 4 and 5 (via IMDb). He played Hizdahr zo Loraq, one of the Great Masters (pronounced slave masters) of Meereen. He is a foil to Daenerys, pretending to broker peace between her and his fellow slaves – who still plot against her in secret to try to take back her city and way of life from her rule. At some point she even agrees to his marriage proposal for purely political reasons. But at the end of Season 5 Episode 9, “Dance of the Dragons,” she rides on Drogon’s back into the sunset, never to see him again. Although it is heavily implied in the books that he hired an assassin to kill her that day, on the show he is attacked by the Sons of the Harpy, the opposition group that advocates for the interests of Meereen’s former slaveholders. unceremoniously stabbed.

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