Why Chicago P.D. Season 9 Has Fans All Saying The Same Thing About Kim

The list of romantic relationships on “Chicago PD” is far from short, but the rocky romance between Kim and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) stands out. Things between them have often gotten heated, but the implication has always been that they love each other. Unfortunately, some fans feel that Kim’s attitude toward Adam in Season 9 was way too unfair and mean.

“I loved Kim so much,” u/Jessica19922 commented on the ar/ChicagoPD Reddit thread discussing the couple’s relationship. “She used to be my favorite character. But they made her a total jerk. She treats Adam like dirt.” Several other commenters agreed that their previously high opinion of Kim was clouded by her treatment of Adam. Some commenters, like u/EcstaticOrchid4825, felt that this was a problem for the authors dropping the ball. They added, “I think the show also missed an opportunity to explore how Kim’s kidnapping affected her and explained her erratic behavior towards Adam.”

In addition to her own kidnapping in season 8, Kim’s adopted daughter Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams) was kidnapped in season 9 and the couple fought over how to resolve the situation. Makayla ended up safe, but the crisis strained the lovers’ relationship more than ever. “I just feel like there are these cracks that are definitely going to exist,” Marina Squerciati said of Kim and Adam in Season 9 in an interview with Parade. “Can they get past them? I hope. But they were brutal to everything else.”

Whether or not Kim’s treatment of Adam is addressed on the show, the character himself needs to develop personally before winning back the hearts of former fans.

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