Why Chicago Med’s Noah Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

It doesn’t take long watching Noah on Chicago Med to notice his tendency to act a little childish at times. Couple that with the countless times he’s made procedural errors, and some fans are wondering how he got into medical school in the first place. “Tbh Noah is a cute kid but so incompetent it’s ridiculous,” Reddit user u/seeyalateradios commented on an ar/ChicagoMed post discussing Noah. “Flirting at work and breaking protocol to get your way is not the mark of a good doctor.”

The show itself actually provided an explanation for Noah’s success. It was none other than April who helped Noah achieve his professional aspirations before and during med school. “I think he’s a good example of someone who’s been studying his whole life, spent years in high school and college and med school and hasn’t become a normal young adult,” noted user u/universe93 in the thread. “When he finally has a full-time job, he still acts like a teenager because socially he’s there.”

Noah may not be entirely professional, but for the actor who plays him, that’s an important element in playing a student rather than a full-fledged doctor. “I’m studying, I’m a student, so I’m nervous and insecure, which is natural when, as a real person, I don’t know what I’m doing, so it’s easy to do,” Roland Buck III told Noah in an interview Black Girl Nerds 2017. He also stressed the increased importance of Noah’s job when he starts operating on patients — with people’s lives in his hands and his sister April working closely with him, Buck explained that for his character on at this point in his arc the stakes are higher than ever.

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