Why Bones Fans Think The Show Failed Lance Sweets

While it may take some time before a new guy who joins a tight-knit group is accepted, Sweets’ work goes uncredited during his early days. And fans expressed their displeasure in a Reddit thread. u/Amphibious_Fire, who had just started watching the show, hated how the team treated his psychiatrist. “Sure, he’s young and maybe inexperienced at certain things, but that doesn’t justify everyone treating him like an asshole. The way Booth and Brennan always leave their meetings without saying goodbye – ‘my phone rang, someone has been murdered’. slams the door,” They write.

Other fans chimed in to reassure u/Amphibious_Fire that Sweets ended up being treated better while noting that even then he never got the respect he deserved. To express this feeling, u/Stannette12 wrote: “It gets better, they give him more credit later. But yeah, they still bug me a lot when it comes to how they handle candy.” Agreeing with other Redditors, U/mntucker10 wrote, “It’s changing quite a bit, but I think there’s a lot of ways it’s changing don’t change things. They give Sweets more props for his abilities but still judge him for who he is.”

But some fans understand Booth and Brennan’s behavior. Fans in a Reddit thread noted that Booth and Brennan’s initial relationship with Sweets as their psychiatrist meant they naturally didn’t accept him. And Daley might agree.

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