Why Aethelflaed From The Last Kingdom Looks So Familiar

Notably, her starring role in Netflix’s epic Saxon saga didn’t stop the actor from landing recurring supporting roles on three other series. In 2020 alone, Millie Brady appeared in the BBC One mini-series The Murders at White Hall and Roadkill, and starred alongside Anya Taylor-Joy in the Netflix phenomenon The Queen’s Gambit.

Brady stars as a mod and seductive French model in two episodes of the 11-time Emmy-winning series. Since the charismatic Cleo Taylor-Joys meets and befriends Beth Harmon in a relatively short amount of time, then on the eve of their most important match yet (the one in Moscow), many fans have theorized that Brady’s character worked for the KGB has (via Reddit). Though she only appears in two of the series’ seven episodes, Brady’s Cleo remains one of the most memorable elements of a show that, as its numerous accolades suggest, offers a litany of memorable elements.

In addition to the various smaller roles Brady has taken on, there’s one more place The Last Kingdom fans might recognize her. In 2016, the then-model and young actress landed a branding campaign with Miu Miu, a high-end Italian fashion brand whose ads have graced the pages of the most prestigious fashion magazines. In this case, as far as we know, she was actually modeling and not working undercover for the KGB to bring down an American chess player.

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