Who Plays Kamran Hanna On NCIS: Los Angeles?

According to IMDb, Kayla Smith plays the role of Kamran “Kam” Hanna. She has played the role since 2020’s If the Fates Allow, aka Episode 6 of Season 12. The actress appeared as Kam four more times, including in a key Season 12 arc where she was kidnapped after attending local protests.

Smith has had regular roles on the Fox musical drama Star as Olivia, in which she made four appearances; OWN nighttime soap, Ambitions, in which she portrayed Carly for 8 episodes; and the CW drama All American, in which she played Rochelle Mosley for four episodes. She has also appeared twice as Eve on the CW version of “Nancy Drew.”

Smith is the daughter of former NBA star Kenny “The Jet” Smith and appeared alongside her father and the rest of her family on the TBS reality show Meet the Smiths, which only lasted eight episodes and a single season on TBS in 2015 (according to Yahoo! News).

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