The WHO Chief Called For A Yearlong Ban On Coronavirus Booster Injections

The WHO Chief Called For A Yearlong Ban On Coronavirus Booster Injections

Health professionals, seniors, and other vulnerable populations have the same right to protection as those in wealthier nations, according to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.  However, Tedros said that for now, they do not want to see boosters for healthy, fully vaccinated individuals.

A recent Yale University research shows that severe coronavirus breakout infections are uncommon and usually occur in elderly individuals with significant health issues.

The WHO Chief Called For A Yearlong Ban On Coronavirus Booster Injections

Between March 23 and July 1 this year, Yale researchers identified 54 individuals completely vaccinated and 14 with severe or critical disease; almost half had no symptoms and went to the hospital for an unrelated condition.

The WHO Chief Called For A Yearlong Ban On Coronavirus Booster Injections

According to the ruling, the state cannot prohibit public schools from using masks to protect against coronavirus. Simultaneously, an appeals court rules on the ban’s legality. Children in crowded school environments, especially those under the age of 12, according to Leon County Circuit Judge John C. Cooper, benefit from wearing masks, which he thinks may offer some protection.

Thirteen school workers in Miami-Dade County, Florida, have died in the span of three weeks, with none of them having received a flu shot. Almost all schools throughout the country reopened their doors for the 2021-22 school year only a few days ago. Students and employees cram into classrooms and hallways, many of whom are not wearing masks or having had vaccines.

Since the Jan. 6 incident at the US Capitol, members of the far-right street gang the Proud Boys have started turning up at anti-mask and anti-coronavirus rallies.

Proud Boys have been seen at anti-mask and anti-vaccine demonstrations in five states recently. From Los Angeles to Columbus, Ohio, members have clashed with anti-COVID demonstrators.

To protect students, a Texas school system closed after two instructors died. The Connally Independent School District in Waco stated it would give masks to kids who didn’t bring one. School started on August 13. Teacher David McCormick died 11 days later. Natalia Chansler, a sixth-grade social studies teacher, died on Aug. 28. Campuses were closed on Aug. 31 for deep cleaning.

According to a company that assesses websites’ trustworthiness, over 500 have propagated disinformation about the coronavirus, including discredited vaccination promises. NewsGuard said Wednesday that it found 519 fake reports regarding COVID-19 on over 6,700 websites it examined. Others were made deliberately to propagate disinformation about COVID-19, the firm claims on its website.

Idaho is enabling health care providers to limit services due to an increase in COVID-19 cases. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare secretly implemented the change Monday and revealed it publicly Tuesday, warning people that hospitalization may not get the treatment they anticipate.

Summer travel season concluded with Labor Day weekend, probably for the best given the decreasing number of safe destinations. The CDC added Jamaica and Sri Lanka to its list of countries where COVID-19 is highly contagious.

According to the CDC, the viral transmission rate of more than 500 per 100,000 individuals in the preceding four weeks in Spain, Costa Rica, the UK, and Portugal.

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