Where To Find Guts Sword Elden Ring? How To Get Guts Greatsword In Elden Ring?

Gut Greatsword in the Elden Ring

The Greatsword of Elden Ring is a colossal sword. The greatsword scales significantly with strength due to its sweeping swings and is a good weapon for cleaving large numbers of enemies at once. An additional greatsword made of coarse iron. Its massive weight allows it to mow through opponents. The weapon is used to assassinate even inhuman opponents, although the wielder presumably must have progressed beyond the realm of the purely human to wield it.


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Where can I find Gut’s Sword Elden Ring?

  • To get the Guts greatsword in Elden Ring, you must defeat a massive boss encounter. Between Caelum Ruins and Rotview Balcony Sites of Grace, the weapon is hidden in an abandoned carriage on the east side of the map.

  • Despite the fact that there isn’t a boss fight in the region to stop you from getting the greatsword, there are a variety of enemies sneaking around the carriage. If you’re using a high-level character, take your time and defeat them before looking for the carriage.

  • If you don’t feel comfortable fighting, you can sneak past the enemy and pick up the weapon without raising the alarm. You can get the sword from the back of the vehicle.

  • Gut’s Greatsword deals 164 damage before any adjustments or changes, making it a good weapon for beginners in Elden Ring, although you’ll need a character with the bold Strength ability to use it.

How to get Gut’s Greatsword in Elden Ring?

The Guts Greatsword is located in northwest Caelid, on the road leading south to the Cathedral of the Communion of Dragons. Start at the smoldering church and follow the road east to get there. If you haven’t already visited Caellid or North Limgrave, you can find the Smoldering Church by heading north from Marika’s third church or by crossing the bridge from Stormhill Shack.

The Guts greatsword was discovered in an abandoned roadside treasure wagon. The problem is that it’s guarded by two giant zombie dogs. These enemies can easily overwhelm you with quick bites that will stagger you in the early and mid-game, so we recommend fighting them with either ranged attacks or mounted (or both). After taking them out, interact with the map to get the sword.


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Is Gut’s Greatsword worth it in Elden Ring?

This is when you use a character with a strength-based stat. The greatsword’s physical attack value is 162 without augmentation, making it one of the most powerful enormous swords in the game. To use it you need 31 Strength and 12 Dexterity.

Greatsword Stats

This is how the greatsword stacks.


  • Physical Attack: 164

  • Critical: 100


  • Physics: 67

  • Magic: 50

  • Fire: 50

  • Flash: 50

  • Holy: 50

  • Increase: 38


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