When Will We Get A Sequel?

The creative gameplay of Dragon Quest Builders and the player-focused design of Dragon Quest Builders 2 attracted a devoted, enthusiastic fanbase hoping for a sequel with even more desired improvements: enhanced player customization, more freedom to build, additional monster variety, and more to come . Many even commented that as long as they kept the gameplay as is, they would buy a third game without any improvements. It’s hard to imagine Square Enix not wanting to draw on such a loyal audience, especially considering the Dragon Quest series has struggled to find success outside of Japan until recently.

From today’s perspective, it actually seems as if no sequel to “Builders” is planned at the moment: almost all creative teams involved in the series are currently busy with another high-profile project. Square Enix Creative Business Unit 3, which served as the lead developer for the series, is currently busy working on the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 16. Koei Techmo’s Omega Force department, which has been working on the well-received action parts of Dragon Quest Builders 2, has set Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes for a June release with no further projects pending.

Despite the success of Dragon Quest Builders 2, the question of Dragon Quest 3 doesn’t seem to exist When we get it, but When we’ll see a sequel at all.

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