When The Bachelor Clayton Echard finally Opened Up About His Messy Breakup With Susie Evans, He Said, “I’m Embarrassed”

Breakups are a popular part of The Bachelor in the United States because of the show’s high level of drama. Just when we thought that breakups in the show couldn’t get much messier, finalist Susie Evans and her partner Clayton Echard announced their separation.

When The Bachelor Clayton Echard Finally Opened Up About His Messy Breakup

The last night of The Bachelor was full of drama, and it must have been upsetting for everyone who had been rooting for Clayton and Susie. According to what Susie and Clayton said, their relationship wasn’t as close as they thought.

Clayton Echard AND SUSIE EVANS

The fact that your man has had sex with other women is not something that any woman can readily dismiss. Clayton, on the other hand, was a two-woman man before he became a one-woman man, but Susie saw their connection as a one-man woman.

During the time when the breakup is still a topic of conversation, Clayton has decided to speak up about his involvement in the situation. “I’m ashamed of myself. I had a feeling it was just a matter of time until this happened. I’d hinted at it a few times in the weeks prior.

“I’m not surprised by the online reaction,” I tell myself. In any case, knowing that you just hurt the feelings of a woman who was madly in love with you shouldn’t come as any surprise to you. A lot of people are siding with Susie because of Clayton’s conduct and unfaithfulness, he said, and he completely understands it.

To make matters worse, Clayton defends his behaviour by claiming that sex is an essential element of any relationship and that he will never propose to a woman if they do not have a strong sexual attraction to one another! However, he still hasn’t explained why he slept with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia if he wants to learn about his chemistry with Susie Evans.

By declaring he wasn’t gaslighting Susie Evans and that he had looked up the word and wasn’t doing it, Clayton Echard addressed Susie’s concerns about his behaviour. However, anyone who saw the episode would know that Clayton was attempting to deceive Susie.

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On top of that, Clayton kept adding that he even had hazardous thoughts that this was all simply Susie’s drama in order for him to get out of his relationship and become the next Bachelorette, which made him even more suspicious

Clayton appears to be working quite hard to sway the situation in his favour, and it appears that he is gaslighting not only Susie but the entire crowd as well. Even if the audience doesn’t agree with Clayton or Susie’s decision to end their relationship, they’re thrilled with the drama that’s happening before them.

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