Whatever Happened To Shed Defender After Shark Tank?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, the company has only grown. Aside from their main line of spandex dog onesies, Shed Defender has now expanded their product line to include other helpful pet supplies. The official website now sells expandable bungee leashes and vitamin supplement chews to keep your dog healthy. It has also developed a range of dog shampoos for sensitive skin. Recently, the company has also started selling a different type of leash, this time with magnetic clips that allow it to be placed around a dog’s neck like a collar.

In addition, Shed Defender’s business plan also includes charitable donations to non-profit organizations through the “Paw it Forward” program. Portions of every purchase are donated to various charities such as the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and Helping Paws Across Borders. As of May 16, 2022, the company has also donated over 100 of its Shed Defenders to various animal rescues (via Paw it Forward blog).

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