What The Actor Who Played Finn Abernathy Has Been Doing Since Leaving Bones

Indeed, like many of his “cross-eyed” peers, Luke Kleintank has moved on to bigger, better things since his days on “Bones” ended. In fact, the man behind Finn Abernathy has accomplished more than many in his post-“Bones” career, which has indeed led him to continue using his talents in television. That’s hardly a surprise, as the actor had several small gigs before booking his Bones gig, including notable spots on Parenthood, No Ordinary Family, and Gossip Girl.

As for his career, after leaving Bones behind, he initially continued to book supporting roles on well-regarded shows like Pretty Little Liars and Person of Interest. Lately, Kleintank has moved past its “recurring character” days. While it may be too early to call the former “Squint” a lead, the actor certainly looked good playing the contradictory young Nazi Joe Blake in the Amazon hit “The Man in the High Castle.” . And as for his role as Supervisory Special Agent Scott Forrester on CBS’ recent franchise add-on FBI: International, Kleintank’s work as the dedicated leader of the agency’s fly team proves he could be more than willing to star in all of them Projects incorporate shapes and sizes.

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