What It Would Look Like If Jacob Elordi Was Superman

The fan theories about Superman and who should play him keep swirling around. Meanwhile, a digital artist named BFHDesign took to Instagram to show what the character could look like if Jacob Elordi were to take on the role. Showing the actor wearing the hero’s iconic suit while bearing a strong resemblance to Clark Kent, the illustration makes a strong argument for the dream cast. In addition, the image motivated other artists to join the pro-Elordi movement by sharing their own great illustrations of the actor as Superman.

Inspired by BFHDesign’s concept art, SPDRMNKYXIII took to Instagram to share some drawings of Elordi as the Man of Steel. The first image shows him hovering over Metropolis in a relaxed pose. The second illustration again shows Elordi rocking the suit, only this time from a standing position.

In the accompanying caption for the second set of images, SPDRMNKXIII revealed that the suit design was influenced by concept art for JJ Ambrams’ discontinued “Superman” film. “‘[Jacob Elordi] is a rumored casting and honestly I can see it,” the artist wrote. “The suit design is based on the concept art from #supermanflyby. Some personal details have been added.”

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