What Fans Hope To See From Sauron In The Rings Of Power

On Reddit, fans discussed the prospect of Sauron appearing without his armor in the upcoming Amazon series. The original post, which received over 800 upvotes on r/LOTR_on_Prime, featured a fan-created image of Sauron in the flesh by artists Billelis and Kevin Cassidy. This interpretation of the character depicts him as monstrous, with the large crown-shaped spikes that adorned his helmet in the films actually being part of his skull. Instead of a pair of eyes, he possesses only a single fiery eye like that of Barad-dûr. However, fans are somewhat mixed regarding this portrayal.

“I’m really not a fan of the ‘disgustingly burned husk’ version of Sauron after Akallabeth,” wrote one fan, u/Xerped. “Yeah, the weird cyclops eye and horns aren’t for me either,” commented u/ImrusAero.

Luckily for the fans who don’t like this version of Sauron, there’s a good chance he’ll look very different on the show. As u/Xerped pointed out, Sauron wasn’t always as monstrous as this portrayal makes him.

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