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First Sunday of the Month: July 1st, 2007
Alki Congregational Church, 6115 SW Hinds

6:00pm Meeting
7:00pm Potluck dinner

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The Declaration of Peace

SNOW Coalition…
We are part of Sound Nonviolent Opponents of War (SNOW) with over 100 organizations including over 25 neighborhood groups around Puget Sound.

 We are commited to nonviolent actions.

 We condemn all human rights abuses.

 We support an international criminal court.

 We oppose all weapons of mass destruction.

 We support US foreign policies that promote human rights, economic justice and self determination.


Welcome to the West Seattle Neighborhood!

West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice value our community as a foundation for realizing peace, justice, democracy and sustainability throughout the world. We work to create opportunities for people in our neighborhood to learn from each other, to speak their values and to take action based on those values.

Sunday Vigils in the Junction Every Sunday Noon to 1:00 PM
Join us at our vigil at the Alaska and California Junction with tabling.
Show your opposition to the war in Iraq publicly.
Wednesday Vigiling at White Center Every Wednesday 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
(15th and Roxbury in White Center) Bring your signs and join us in showing opposition to the Iraq Occupation and/or the current administration. Contact Marjorie at 206-763-1088 for more info.

Alternatives to Military Service  If you know of young people who are considering the military or if you are concerned about a possible draft contact the Seattle Draft and Military Counseling Center 206-789-2751 or [email protected]

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Center on Conscience and War
Ways to Stay Informed Democracy Now! Weekdays 6-7AM, 5-6PM, 91.3 KBCS FM
Free Speech Radio News Weekdays 6– 6:30PM, 91.3 KBCS FM
Alternative Radio Wed 8-9PM, 94.9 KUOW FM
Radio Nation Thurs 8-9PM, 94.9 KUOW FM
Air America progressive talk, 1090 AM KPTK
The Mike Webb Show Weekdays 10PM-1AM, KIRO 710 AM
Mind Over Matters Sat/Sun 6-9AM, 90.3FM KEXP program overview

Seattle Community Access NetworkChannel 77/29,SCAN* TV
Democracy Now! Mon-Fri 8AM
Speak Truth to Power Mon 9:30PM
Indymedia Presents Mon 11:30PM
The Struggle Continues Wed 12AM
Public Affairs in Focus Wed 7:30PM
Network X Thurs 7:30PM –
Global Women’s Voices (1st and 3rd Thurs) 8PM
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