The Weight Loss Drug Saxendra Works Better With Exercise

The Weight Loss Drug Saxendra Works Better With Exercise

Weight management is one of the most important parts of health management. If the weight is not managed properly, then it can lead to overweight and obesity. Different factors that can lead to obesity and overweight are Environmental factors-that is a lifestyle of a person, Psychological factors – that is, the emotions associated with food, Genetic factors – that can be hereditary or Medical conditions – that is, health issues. 

The Weight Loss Drug Saxendra Works Better With Exercise

Medical conditions such as for overweight and obesity, when left untreated or not taken action against them, will lead to heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, certain types of cancer, diabetes, gallbladder issues, breathing problems, and sleep apnea which can seriously harm the human health. It is also observed that person who is suffering from obesity are more likely to suffer from high-risk medical conditions. Studies show that about 40% of people who suffer from obesity are twice more likely to die prematurely when compared with an average-sized person.

The Weight Loss Drug Saxendra Works Better With Exercise

Many of the health institutions are working toward creating drugs to keep the weight in check and the person to fight overweight and obesity issues. Studies also show that these drugs work best only when used along with exercise and not only lifestyle changes. The United States of America has a drug approved named Saxendra(Liraglutide) to keep the weight in check and to maintain the weight loss when added with calorie-cutting and exercise. It is also mentioned that the usage of drugs alone or exercise alone has not been tested yet.

As per the reports published in the New England Journal of Medicine based on the new trials, throughout one year, the combination of drugs long with calorie-cutting and exercises has won and has helped people in shredding few extra pounds, mainly body fat. Experts who are not involved in the trial said that the results of the trial underscore the comprehensive tactics for keeping weight off.

The spokesmen for Obesity society said that the standard care for all the obesity treatments, medications, and surgery is that to use them as adjuncts for behavioral changes. It was also observed that a sustainable diet and exercises are the keys for the drug to work in weight loss treatments. It was also mentioned that weight-loss medications work, but they are not the magical cure for weight loss and some doctors yet prescribe these medications without making any lifestyle changes for the patients. 

Some of the medications are approved by the United States of America to help in weight loss; some of them are as mentioned, Xenical(orlistat), Qsymia(phentermine-topiramate), and Contrave(naltrexone-bupropion). The drugs named Liraglutide are sold under two brand names Saxendra which is the weight loss drug and Victoza for type 2 diabetes. According to the drugmaker, Saxendra contains a high proportion of Liraglutide and it mimics the action of an appetite hormone GLP-1. The drug has to be taken daily in the form of injection.

The maker of the drug Novo Nordisk mentioned that in the new trials, over 195 people with obesity were recruited for the research and later, after eight weeks on a low carb diet, these recruits were put into four groups where one is Medication only, Medication & Exercise, Exercise only and placebo which is inactive medication. The recruits were asked to attend the medication groups twice a week and exercise on their own twice a week. 

After one year of this type of treatment, it was calculated that the group with both medication and exercise had lost 16% of their starting weight. That compared with the 11% of the exercise group and the 13% of the medication group. The combination of these two approaches has the most effective in changing the body weight by reducing the waistline and trimmed the body fat versus either of those with only one strategy. As per the researchers of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, this strategy even preserved muscle loss.

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