We Finally Know Why Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho Turned Down The Revival Film

As reported by Deadline in February 2022, Arden Cho’s decision not to join the cast of the Teen Wolf film was a paid one. Her offer covered half of her colleagues’ salary per episode, so she decided to pass on the project. Fast forward to May of that year, where Cho sheds more light on the situation in an interview with The Cut. “I didn’t necessarily say ‘no’ to myself or because I was angry. I said ‘no’ because I hope there will be more equality in the future,” she said, highlighting a disappointing industry trend that has yet to go away.

It’s no secret that well into the 21st century, pay differentials are a persistent phenomenon in most fields of work, and acting is no exception. While most look only at gender in these conversations, the pay gap at the intersection of race and gender often proves to be even more extreme. This even extends to funding certain projects, according to attorney Darrell Miller in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, making it difficult for a variety of stories and actors to get a fair shot. Simply put, Cho didn’t want to get involved in the issue.

While it may disappoint some Teen Wolf fans that Arden Cho’s Kira Yukimura won’t be making a major comeback in the upcoming film, at the end of the day she stands up for a cause she believes in – something that goes beyond any job should .

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