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The film, which garnered critical acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival, will soon take on anime form. The creators have revealed the key visual and release details of the Anime Summit of the Gods. The show, originally in French, will soon be available in Japanese. Patrick Imbert took the manga concept to the global level in the film company. Now the Japanese audience has a chance to experience it in their own language.

The thought of this manga’s story flashed in the mind of Baku Yumemakura. The person who put the thoughts of Baku on the manga paper is Jito Taniguchi. He justified the whole concept of Baki’s writing with its exceptional execution. As a manga, the original execution of the manga was for a period of 3 years.

The peak of the gods anime

The Summit of the Gods Anime Visual Poster Available!

Recently, the creators of the anime Summit of the Gods released a visual poster on the anime’s official website. The visual poster mentions the film’s awards and its cast information with titles. However, the description in the visual poster was written entirely in Japanese. When it comes to the visual part of the poster, it’s stunning in every way.

In the visual poster, two climbers climb the snowy mountain with hooks and ropes in their hands. Both are well stocked with all kinds of mountaineering equipment. However, the visual poster is missing oxygen cylinders on the climbers’ backs.

The peak of the gods anime

What is the plot?

The story of the anime The Summit of the Gods revolves around the adventure of two people. A lone climber goes up Mount Everest with his cameraman. These people are Joji Habu and Makoto Fukamachi. They plan to climb the highest mountain from its southwest side in winter, which is the worst time. Not only do you want to climb in winter, you also want to do without oxygen bottles.

Seems impossible right?? Well, that’s what the story wants to show the audience, the result of all this! There is also a secret in this anime that is etched into the story. It’s about the veracity of the fact that a mountaineer, Mallory, scaled Mount Everest for the first time.

The peak of the gods anime

The Peak of the Gods Anime: Release Date

The creators announced via Crunchyroll’s official website that The Summit of the Gods anime will be released on July 8, 2022 in Japan. Thus, the film will be in the native language of Japan. So after the film’s release in France in 300 theaters, the creators are looking forward to its success in Japan.


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