Virus Breaks Hospital Records, Killing Kids

Virus Breaks Hospital Records, Killing Kids

It has been observed that a record number of COVID-19 children have been hospitalized in Kentucky and Texas, overloading doctors and nurses and affecting additional children.

Dr. Jyotir Mehta, medical director of the ICU at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Georgia, said physicians and nurses usually have two or three extremely ill patients. On Wednesday, the ICU had 50 COVID-19 patients, half of whom needed ventilators. Mehta added that he does not believe we have ever had this many people sick simultaneously. He continues to say that he finds it tough to speak to relatives. 

Virus Breaks Hospital Records, Killing Kids

New Mexico’s top health authorities warned Wednesday that rationing is only a week away. The number of coronavirus patients requiring hospital treatment increased by 20% in one day.

In a statement issued by Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. David Scrase, he said they do not want to go there. Idaho officials asked people to volunteer to help keep hospitals open.

Virus Breaks Hospital Records, Killing Kids

Texas and Kentucky had the most COVID-19 patients in their hospitals on Wednesday, 14,255 and 2,074, respectively. The Texas record is based on HHS statistics. Several states have set new hospitalization records.

In Texas, roughly 47% of adults are completely vaccinated, compared to almost 52% nationally, and Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has outlawed vaccination and mask requirements. Defiance to his mask ban has been widespread.

Because of the lag, public health authorities in Kentucky have attributed the state’s increase in latency. The GOP-controlled legislature has prevented Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear from adopting additional COVID-19 mask standards or capacity limitations.

COVID-19 fatalities have topped 1,100 per day since mid-March, while new cases have topped 152,000 per day since late January. The number of coronavirus patients in hospitals was about 85,000 early this week, the most since early February.

Unvaccinated individuals are catching the extremely infectious delta version. Children and young people are being affected more and more by the variation, they say. Children account for 36% of COVID-19 cases in Tennessee, according to Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey. She claimed the state has 14,000 pediatric cases in the past week, up 57%.

Students in South Carolina will have to wear masks again beginning Monday as COVID-19 cases among children and students increase quickly.

In the last two weeks, almost 30% of new cases among South Carolina were in individuals under 20. According to state authorities, about 17% of cases in 2020 were among children and adolescents.

Nurse Anderson Lopez Castillo, Treating COVID-19 children as young as 16 has been a burden on top of a nearly year-long struggle that has left him doubting his career decision.

At first, we noticed it mostly among seniors. ‘We can do this. The stress and virus will probably not be that terrible on us as nurses caring for these elderly patients.

Castillo, 24, says seeing the virus sickening young people makes him and other young nurses reflect on their death. Castillo added that they all have a subliminal notion, ‘You know, that might be them.

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