The New Variant Is Spreading More In Younger People

The New Variant Is Spreading More In Younger People

Experts are saying that these Covid-19 inoculations in the U.S. are going on properly but there are not enough individuals which are yet to get protection and the country may be at the beginning of another surge.

The U.S. has a reported record in the number of vaccines administered over the weekend with greater than 4 million Covid-19 vaccine shots which are administered within 24 hours, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC.

The New Variant Is Spreading More In Younger People

The U.S. now has an average of greater than three million doses per day, as per the CDC data. But around 18.5% of the total Americans are currently vaccinated as per the CDC data, and the Covid-19 cases in the U.S. have been increasing recently.

The New Variant Is Spreading More In Younger People

An epidemiologist and infectious diseases specialist, Dr. Celine Gounder said that she thinks Americans will have to face some more kind of difficult weeks in the recent future as she said to a news agency on Sunday. What everyone knows from the previous year of the Covid-19 is that the U.S. tends to follow the trend of Europe for the graphs of the pandemic. But the country stays 3 to 4 weeks behind.

This very highly contagious and dangerous B.1.1.7 variant also has fueled a sharp rise in the Covid-19 cases and higher hospitalizations in different parts of Europe. Experts are worrying that the U.S. might be the next if Americans do not double down on the different safety measures till more and more people are insulated.

What is worse than the experts say, is this variant which is changing this pandemic’s playbook and might spell trouble on the younger groups which are yet to be vaccinated.

Everyone needs to think about this B.1.1.7 variant as a completely new virus as said by Dr. Peter Hotez, who is the dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine. This is acting quite differently from the previous virus which we have seen before, considering its transmissibility and the way it is affecting more young people, so people would need to take this quite seriously.

As more and more young individuals are getting infected, hospitalizations have increased tremendously. There was a difference between the new surge and the previous surges that more people are getting affected now and the younger generation in much larger groups. This is said by Dr. Leana Wen who is the emergency physician. She told this to Dr. Leena Wen on Sunday.

The older populations are being prioritized in the U.S. and many parts of the world for Covid-19 vaccine shots. Greater than 54%of the total Americans who are aged 65 and older are completely vaccinated, as per the CDC, while greater than 75% of the same age group have gotten one Covid-19 vaccine shot.

Although this age group is well protected, as Wen said, the younger groups remain vulnerable as this B.1.1.7 variant is circulating. This variant is much more contagious and also causes severe diseases, as experts said. This research also suggests that this may be very deadly.

They are seeing in many areas such as Michigan that the individuals are getting hospitalized in larger numbers are the people in the  30s and 40s as said by Wen. They are even seeing more children getting infected. 

It is not just about Michigan. What everyone is seeing is the pockets of grouped infection around the U.S., generally in the younger people that are not vaccinated, and also the school-aged children as said by the former FDA or Food and Drug Administration commissioner.

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