Vaccines Are Highly Effective, Says Food & Drug Administration

After months of debates and deliberations, the Food and Drug Administration meets to discuss Covid-19 booster doses.

The need for booster doses raises questions on the effectiveness of the vaccine. An expert says the vaccines available are no doubt highly effective. And they should not be doubted.

Vaccines Are Highly Effective, Says Food & Drug Administration

CNN Medical Analyst says vaccines aim to reduce deaths and hospitalizations. Various reports suggest that they are highly effective in doing so. 

Dr. Leana Wen added vaccines intend to reduce the level of infection. They also prevent severe illness among infected people. The effectiveness of the vaccine in reducing the level of Covid-19 spread is now under question. Because the United States is reporting a high number of Covid-19 cases despite increasing vaccination rates.

Vaccines Are Highly Effective, Says Food & Drug Administration

President Joe Biden and many health experts now favor the need for a third dose. Several reports suggest that American citizens may need a booster dose to stay immune to the Covid-19 virus.

According to experts, administering a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine will be safe. Its effectiveness may rise with the third dose.

All these reports are part of the data that the FDA team of experts will be studying. FDA is discussing over approving Pfizer booster doses. It is under discussion that fully vaccinated Americans can take the booster dose after at least six months from their 2nd dose.

Pfizer is likely to get the approval. But a group of international vaccine experts and some experts from the FDA and the WHO met on Monday. They expressed that there is no evidence to support the need for booster doses for the general public.

They also said that shifting focus onto booster doses will distract us from the objective of vaccinating people with initial vaccine doses.

Currently, only 54% of the United States population is completely vaccinated. Experts consider vaccination as the best way of protection against the Covid-19 virus. Vaccination of all American citizens must be the priority of the United States government. The booster doses are a luxury in the country where Vaccination rates are so low.

On Monday, Dr. Francis said that the answer to whether booster doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 are necessary or not. He further added that there is a lot of data to analyze before making any decision. 

The FDA’s discussion will be happening on Friday and will be public. It is so to keep transparency and keep people aware of the data that the committee analyzes.

The Health departments are ready with their gears to start administering the booster doses as soon as the announcement is there.

Booster doses will be available to Americans from next week if it gets the green flag from the Food and Drugs Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are many unanswered questions about the interval of booster doses. Will it be available for all general people? What will be the cut-off age?

Will there be a priority to some groups of people? Eyes are on the meeting now. FDA and CDC are the two agencies that will be deciding the future of vaccination for the United States.

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