Vaccine Supply Struck Hard By Winter Storm In San Diego

Winter seems to be gloomy for many in San Diego as the storm has been intensified in recent days. It will create a delay in providing vaccinations to the people of the county.  This catastrophic situation will force the vaccination centers and clinics to stay closed until any further notice.

Vaccine Supply Struck Hard By Winter Storm In San Diego

Nathan Fletcher, County Supervisor confirmed that the road to the supply spot of Pfizer and Moderna, where they stock the vaccine doses is frozen and they have no other access to the place. Those are the spots that the whole nation is relying on. They have the main coronavirus vaccine manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts and Michigan. The snow has been rough and the whole road to the vaccine supply centers has been obstructed by the snow, even to the manufacturing units in Massachusetts and Michigan. This will force them to pause the vaccination process as administering the vaccine will be a nearly impossible task. This will be noticeable among those who have an appointment of first or second doses. So the appointment dates of these people have to be rescheduled again.

Vaccine Supply Struck Hard By Winter Storm In San Diego

Based on the reliable data of the region, as of Wednesday, 135,151 of 473,763 people across the region have been vaccinated and received  2 full doses. So the remaining 330,000 people are left out with just a single dose and were expecting their second to be administered after 21-28 days. The county has shared no information on Wednesday about how many due patients are to arrive for the 2nd dose of vaccination or had to be rescheduled due to an inadequacy in the vaccine supplies.

The officials of the county had urged earlier that they would store some incoming doses of the vaccine for residents in the region. Now that the situation has worsened because of the storm, things have been different. They are still unaware of how things could end up when people have been left with no choice but to wait for their doses. These delays will push the second dosage of the vaccination to take place after 6 weeks or more. Dr. Wilma Wooten, who is the county’s public health officer, said that she is not concerned about this.

Fletcher said that there will be a huge strain on the system to get their second-dose vaccination procedures to keep going. It will limit the vaccination procedures with limited supply. 

Many reported that there was a delay near Petco Park on Wednesday where the location was reopened for vaccinations after the supplies ran out. One of the women told that it was a delayed experience when she had to wait more than 2 hours in her car where she was trying to get her second dose. She also said that there was no proper traffic control and the vehicle queue was terrible that many drivers were cutting in front of other vehicles from side streets.

The UC San Diego Officials had no information regarding this and Fletcher was unaware of what could happen next. In general, San Diego’s overall coronavirus toll has been on a decline and there are only 539 new cases reported. Intensive care unit cases and the number of total cases have dropped even though 57 Covid Deaths were reported on Wednesday.

No vaccine is 100% effective, even when two doses are administered perfectly on schedule. Evidence of that fact has now appeared in San Diego with Dr. Eric McDonald, medical director of the county’s epidemiology department, indicating that a local healthcare worker who was fully vaccinated subsequently tested positive for coronavirus infection after being exposed. McDonald said little about the situation other than indicating that confirmation of the infection came to his office 48 hours earlier.

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