Vaccine Obligation For NYC Policemen And Other Employees

A New York judge dismissed a cop’s union’s plea for a temporary injunction on Tuesday, refusing to halt an immunization requirement slated to come into place Thursday for the town’s municipal employees. 

Judge Lizette Colon found that now the town’s COVID-19 immunization compulsion could go into force as planned, but she also ordered municipal authorities to challenge the policy in the courtroom on November 19 against a union petition trying to get everything declared unconstitutional.

Vaccine Obligation For NYC Policemen And Other Employees

Simultaneously, the town’s firefighter said that 30% of its rescue units would be shut and 20% reduced paramedics would be on the streets as a consequence of employees declining to get inoculated. 

Colon concluded shortly after hearing complaints from attorneys for the Police Benevolent Organization, the city’s biggest police dept., as well as the municipality, which triumphed in contending that the regulation should be enforced immediately.

Vaccine Obligation For NYC Policemen And Other Employees

By 6 pm Thursday, law enforcement officers, firemen, sanitation workers, and several other city employees must provide documentation of receiving at least a single injection of the COVID-19 vaccination. 

Employees who would not cooperate would be placed on leave without pay beginning November 1. Formerly, municipal workers could remain employed if they could present documentation of a clear drug test. The verdict, according to PBA President Pat Lynch, “leaves the place up for a serious problem” and “undoubtedly leading to fewer policemen accessible to safeguard the people.”

Police Chief Dermot Shea informed WPIX-TV on Thursday that 73 percent of law enforcement officers have received at least a single vaccination shot as of Monday. When questioned how everything will oversee workforce numbers and community security if any of its workforce — comprising dozens of cops — is placed on extended leave for disobedience, the Department had no concrete responses.

In terms of specific queries, NYPD official Al Baker issued just one written comment, saying, “Police would be equipped for such employee changes over the course of the requirement.” As of Tuesday, the firefighters recorded an immunization coverage of 70 percent. 

To oppose the requirement, a firemen union announced it will conduct a march against Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday. The New York City Fire Department, according to Fire Chief Daniel Nigro, “are using all measures at our discretion, involving obligatory hours, collective action from other Field staff, and substantial adjustments to our personnel’ timetables to maintain a consistent level of service.”

Whereas if the court finally agrees with the sheriff’s department, which contended that the immunization requirement is unfair, irrational, and an admission of wrongdoing, an attorney for the municipality stated policemen, fire crews, and other impacted municipal workers would be granted full compensation. 

In legal filings filed following Thursday’s trial, attorneys for the PBA, which represents roughly 23,000 official and unofficial NYPD police, claimed that the vaccination requirement forced cops to choose between their professions and their personal feelings, encroaching on deputies’ “respect to bodily autonomy.”

Many cops relieved of duty, according to the PBA, will not be able to finance a court dispute over the compulsion and would be compelled to either get immunized or discover different positions, which will lead to the loss of rank and city health and retirement packages.

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