Vaccine Mandate In Colleges Around The United States

The majority of the universities are now open for in-person classroom learning. The resume of students in the physical classroom increases the risk of infection.

Most of the largest universities in the United States are not implementing the vaccine mandates for their students. The students are not bound to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

Vaccine Mandate In Colleges Around The United States

Many schools are implementing vaccine mandates but with leniency in place. Many students who do not choose to get vaccinated are also allowed to attend the classroom.

Few schools have expelled their students who did not fulfill the vaccine requirements.

Vaccine Mandate In Colleges Around The United States

The United States is reporting an increase in Covid-19 cases. And the beginning of the new semester in schools may worsen the situation.

High rates of vaccination are the only visible solution to bring back normalcy. The mandates are facing opposition. And the schools now focus on getting most students vaccinated.

The study by The Associated Press shows that most of the largest universities in the U.S. are not implementing the vaccine mandates. 

These universities hold about 55% of students enrolled in schools. 

Universities located in the Northeast and California are most likely to install the vaccine mandates on their campus. Most universities that have not implemented the vaccine mandate are in Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

The universities are opting for different approaches to cope up with the current situation. Some of them are listed below:

1. University of Connecticut

In the university of Connecticut, a vaccination rule is in place. But the university is lenient towards those who do not want to get vaccinated. 

The university granted exemptions to over 800 students and so far has not denied any single request.

We are trying to understand their concerns and trying to make them realize the right thing. We need to be sensitive to the students in this situation as there is a lot of misinformation among people, an official said.

The school also has a clinic set up on the campus for vaccination.

About ten Covid-19 cases have been on the campus since the beginning of in-person learning in the university.

2. University Of Central Florida

The university is offering prizes to vaccinated students. The University of Central Florida also has an in-campus vaccination center. The university is urging its students to take their vaccine shots.

As per the orders of Governor DeSantis, the school has not mandated vaccination for the students.

The presence of unvaccinated students on the campus scares the professors, as they are unaware about who is vaccinated and who is not.

Social distancing cannot be followed on the campus as they are not allowed to reduce capacity. In larger halls, students prefer to sit apart as a precautionary step.

The university so far recorded 377 confirmed Covid-19 cases on the campus.

3. University of Virginia

Many students were expelled from the university if they did not fulfill the vaccine mandate. As many as 193 students have been suspended from the university for not taking the Covid-19 vaccine shots.

In January the expelled students will be back if they take vaccines, the Students Vice President said. 

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