Vaccinations Overpassing Infections: WHO

After a year of wreaking havoc, mankind is gradually toppling over the global novel COVID-19 virus with vaccines. As per the announcement made by World Health Organization, the novel coronavirus shots are in the top with respect to the number of active cases of infections reported globally. However, currently, near about 130 countries comprising a population of about 2.5 billion are yet to receive their doses. 

However, the spotlight has been focused on the fact that around 10 countries who are currently leading the global GDP are the ones to receive the vaccines early. This fact is clearly showing the power of the economy in determining who gets the vaccines first and who the last. According to the Director-General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the feat is a remarkable achievement gotten in a really short time period; but a majority of the vaccine shots are, as in this moment, are only in 10 countries, which accounts for nearly 60% of the global Gross Domestic Product. 

Vaccinations Overpassing Infections: WHO

Tedros has also confirmed the fact that 130 countries are yet to receive their first round of vaccination shots. He has also encouraged the countries that already have their vaccines to share them amongst each other. He suggested that once a country administers vaccines to their own frontline health workers and elderlies, they must share the remaining vaccines with the global population. This suggestion is also based on the fact that the more time it takes to vaccinate those at high potential risk from the virus, the more time the virus gets to mutate and evade the vaccines. It is true that mankind runs a risk of falling back on square one unless the coronavirus is suppressed properly and for good. 


As per a data analysis published by the John Hopkins University, this week the active cases of novel coronavirus are running low for the third consecutive week, including the hotspot countries like the United States, India, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Russia, and Italy. According to the official report, only over 105 million active cases are currently confirmed worldwide, and only 2.3 million deaths due to coronavirus have been reported. 

Even though the number of active cases is coming down each week, the risk of arrival of new variants and mutants of the virus is still fresh. To solidify the concern, a new variant has already been found in South Africa, which is relatively affecting the coronavirus vaccines’ efficacy. 

Executive Director of Health Emergencies Program in World Health Organization, Mike Ryan, did not shy away from criticizing the former US President, Donald Trump, for his jabbering of the novel virus’s inefficiency in making people sick. He said that despite the discouragement from the former president, the countries must not slow down their precautionary rate and hold on to their mitigation efforts. 

Ryan has also said that the past few weeks have been extremely tough for people worldwide; however, the good news is that it is beginning to pay off. Moreover, with the advent of the coronavirus vaccines, the ordeal is expected to decline at a double or triple. The more people get vaccinated quickly, the more the vaccine’s efficacy remains intact. However, with the news about findings of new variants and the virus mutating rapidly, the risk is still right around the corner. Mike Ryan has also motivated people by saying we must not fall short now when we are so close to winning the battle against this enemy we cannot even see. We must do everything to keep coronavirus at bay. We are just turning the corner, and we cannot stop now. 

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