Vaccinations Begin To rising In A Few US States

Vaccinations Begin To rising In A Few US States

A large number of Americans in the United States have been wary of the vaccine being given as a protection against the coronavirus. Encouraged and incited by adverse reactions from both Republicans as well as Democrats, the wariness turned to a seemingly almost unmanageable refusal. But with a resurgence of the pandemic in a fourth wave in the United States, several states with a low rate of vaccination. These states include Missouri, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana and Nevada.         

Vaccinations Begin To rising In A Few US States

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has reason to be worried. His state has a low vaccination rate of just 36% while cases of Covid-19 infected patients are one of the highest in Louisiana. There were 5388 cases reported in a single day on 21 July just in the state of Louisiana, scaring Governor Edwards enough to tell a New Orleans radio station that the fourth surge is real and that the numbers are frightening.

Vaccinations Begin To rising In A Few US States

Himself a Democrat, Governor Edwards admitted they had been moving in the wrong direction. There was a slight glimmer of hope as a spokesperson from the Louisiana Health Department reported a slight increase in vaccinations.

The director of infection prevention and control in a 40 hospital chain in Missouri was happy and perceived each vaccination as a victory. The increase in vaccinations will mean lesser chances of all the ICU’s running a risk of filling up, given the current rate of infections.  Director Katherine Baumgarten has reasons to be happy with the increased rate of vaccinations.     

Health centres are also bringing in incentives in an effort to get more people to come for vaccination.  The State of Missouri which has a lower vaccination rate of 46% behind the national average of 56.5% has come out with a thoughtful incentive. Health officials in the state announced a vaccine incentive by lottery where 900 lottery winners would get $10000.  Such incentives are being seen as necessary as the states of Arkansas and Missouri are the epicentre in this ongoing fourth wave of the pandemic in the United States.

A city that is under strain is Springfield in Missouri which has an unnaturally high number of infected patients. The Mercy hospital in Springfield has noted that half of the persons infected are within the age group of 21 to 59 and just 2% in this group segment are vaccinated. The trend has spread to Kansas City where there are more teenagers affected. 

A registered nurse in the Research Medical Centre in Kansas City expressed her frustration at having to risk her life for patients who not only do not want to get vaccinated but do not even want to listen to health care workers. The Nurse who has been working at this Kansas City Hospital was surprised to note that many of the young patients even believe that covid-19 is real.  

The states of Utah and Arizona have also reported a dramatic rise in new covid cases. A hospital in the state of Arizona reported that patients who had been coming with mild symptoms a few weeks ago suddenly changed to patients coming from acute ill conditions.

Director Rochelle Walensky of the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) termed the Delta variant of the Coronavirus as the most infectious respiratory viruses they have ever heard of and it is spreading with incredible efficiency. The CDC has, however, not yet deviated from its earlier advisory that vaccinated people need not wear masks.   

Schools in Atlanta plan to reintroduce compulsory wearing of masks for their students after schools reopen while some Democrats in Arkansas requested the Republican governor of the state to lift the mandatory wearing of masks.

In the words of CDC director Walensky, The nation needs to unite as one to get fully vaccinated and follow strict guidelines if the united states are to win this attack from a persistent virus.   

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