Vaccination Cards Increase Confidence And Safety In British Columbia Event

Vaccination Cards Increase Confidence And Safety In British Columbia Event

The province issues a British Columbia Immunization Card, a digital or printed document showing the stage at which the cardholder is in the process of vaccinating with COVID19. 

Vaccination Cards Increase Confidence And Safety In British Columbia Event

The British Columbia Immunization Card will allow vaccinated individuals to conveniently and safely show proof of their immunization during high-risk recreational and social events, and in areas where regulations apply. The new COVID19 vaccine requirements take effect on September 13, 2021.

Vaccination Cards Increase Confidence And Safety In British Columbia Event

“Immunization means we can bring people together and do more, safely and with confidence that we do not put people at risk who have not been fully vaccinated,” said Prime Minister John Horgan. “We’ve made it easy for people to get CD vaccination cards and made them easier for businesses to check at a glance. The cards are an important step in keeping our economy running and safely returning to community events with the confidence of those around us who are also fully vaccinated.”

People can get their CD vaccination cards online at Once verified, the person will be able to save a digital copy to their mobile device or print a copy. Print and submit with government-issued photographic identification at the entrance to the specified facilities and events.

Individuals Without access to computers and printers can obtain a pass by calling 1 833 8382323 at the Vaccination Information Center and receiving a printed copy by mail. Requiring vaccine trials will make our communities safer and also keep events and gatherings safe for all of us, ”said Dr. Bonnie Henry, British Columbia Provincial Health Officer. “I encourage people to get BC Immunization Cards to protect their communities, support their local businesses and each other.” 

This new request is being ordered by a provincial health official. Starting September 13, 2021, one dose of vaccine will be required to enter these facilities. By October 24, 2021, participation in these facilities requires everyone to be fully vaccinated with two doses of the COVID19 vaccine.

Once vaccinated by September 13, 2021, all BC residents can continue to access events and settings, which will be detailed in the PHO order.

How do Vaccination Cards work?

BC Vaccination Cards can be stored on a mobile device or printed and will include a secure personalized QR code.
People who cannot electronically access their BC immunization cards can ask a friend, family member, or guardian to print their BC immunization card, visit the Service BC office, or call 1833 8382323 to get a copy through the post office.
Businesses will be able to download the BC Immunization Card Verification App from Google and Apple app stores to securely read 

QR codes and identify evidence of a person’s vaccination.No personal information will be saved in the app.
Businesses and event organizers will receive a set of communication tools, including posters, questionnaires, and response materials, as well as a list of approved immunization tests from the regions and other legal assistance to instruct them on how to check immunization cards.

Beginning September 13, 2021, people in BC will be required to present a BC Immunization Card showing partially vaccinated (Dose 1) to participate in certain businesses and activities.

Beginning October 24, 2021, people in British Columbia will need to present a BC immunization card confirming that they have been fully vaccinated with two doses of COVID19 vaccine to enter the same list of businesses and activities.
BC Immunization Card will be phased out to give people more time to switch to the new card. Beginning September 13, 2021, people will also be able to use British Columbia vaccination records. The vaccination clinic or pharmacy has valid proof of vaccination.

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