Use Of Booster Shots May Be Premature

Use Of Booster Shots May Be Premature

As per Joe Biden’s administration, the authorities have asked the people to get vaccinated with a third shot if their second shot has completed a time span of eight months. If this criterion is fulfilled, they are eligible to get vaccinated. However, executing this task may be challenging for the workforce and it is debatable whether it is a good idea or not. 

Anthony Fauci has stated that the citizens who have taken both doses of the Moderna vaccine may not be ready for booster shots. This is due to inefficacy in the time period. As per the data, it was hoped that both the vaccines, that is, Moderna and Pfizer will be rolled out by the week of 20th. Well, only one of them is out and the second will also follow later. 

Use Of Booster Shots May Be Premature

As this move has been revealed, it was also said that the Biden administration had given time to the healthcare institutions to manufacturing the booster shots. These are meant for the 165 million Americans who have received both doses of the vaccine. Further, people with low immunity levels who have not got the protection from the first two doses have been allowed to take the booster shots since mid-August. 

Use Of Booster Shots May Be Premature

The government has informed that they have purchased a good amount of vaccines and they are enough to be given to the citizens of the nation free of cost. Even if the person has received his two shots, there is a possibility that its effect may be waning. To boost the immunity further, the third shot may be taken. 

The administration has done a good job and the current situation shows a decline in the spread of infection. The vaccines have fulfilled the job of what they were actually supposed to do. They have helped in keeping the infected crowd away from morgues and hospitals. The vaccines have prevented people from getting infected. 

If you look at the research and studies conducted, there has been less evidence supporting the effect of third shots on the health of people. The administration has put a date-certain on the time when boosters should become available. This happened when two advisory committees came together to discuss the data available on booster shots. 

It is difficult to extract entire data during the pandemic but the officials need to make the decisions quickly. One cannot wait for the entire data to be collected, analyze, and then make the announcements. 

The administration undergoes the pressure of saving lives at any cost. The advisory committees are required to sign off the vaccines before they are made open to the public. This is the usual procedure that the authorities have to undergo in order to make the decisions. 

Nearly 95 million Americans are fully vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, 14 million with Johnson & Johnson’s, and 66 million with Moderna’s vaccine. Out of these, Pfizer-BioNTech has received full FDA approval for people 16 and older while the other two are authorized for emergency use in adults. 

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