Why do US Teens fail To Notice The Writing On The Wall

Why do US Teens fail To Notice The Writing On The Wall? Experts Wonder

Neighbor2Neighbor is a non-profit organization working in Randolph County, Georgia. The group had operated some clinics in the area. And they were quite popular in the region. The town is yet to fully get inoculated.

 The County had to close its schools due to the recent COVID 19 outbreak. Thus the group felt that such a clinic is the need of the hour.

Why do US Teens fail To Notice The Writing On The Wall?

The bright blue and green-colored Phoebe Putney Health System mobile Covid-19 vaccine bus made its 30-minute trip from Albany. They reached a former school building in the County with nurses carrying supplies of vaccines in plastic trays. They wanted to vaccinate the most reluctant group; the teenagers.

They had great expectations when they opened their vaccination clinic in the place.

Why do US Teens fail To Notice The Writing On The Wall

Everyone above 12 years of age is eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine. But teenagers still remain the most unvaccinated group of people in the US. Only 46% of the teenager population is fully vaccinated. The same is 86% among adults above 65 years of age.

The rate of vaccination among teenagers is the lowest in Randolph County; 10% among 12-14 age-group. It is 20% among those aged 15-19. These people have received only the first dose of the vaccine.

Experts cite numerous reasons for the situation. The most important among them is the wrong notion that this is the pandemic of the elderly. But it is the contrary nowadays. With an increasing number of children and youngsters being infected, COVID 19 is a serious issue. People, however, still hang on to this falsehood.

The number of infections had been relatively low among children this month. But it was still bad. They still are not immune to it. Children are susceptible and they may even die. More than 571 children below 17 have died due to COVID 19 until now.

The month was tough even for Randolph County. Instances of COVID 19 among those in the age range of 14-17 are two-fold high when compared with adults. The same is three times higher than those above 65. The scary report is of these 30 days.

The only group that could reach the people in Randolph County was the non-profit organization Neighbor2Neighbor. It went door to door and answered the questions people had about vaccination. Their campaign too was a success to a great extent. As a result, their clinic saw 88 people lining up for a vaccine. This, according to them, had been a great achievement. There are only 6,900 residents here.

The Neighbor2Neighbor team expected a similar turnout in their clinic for teenagers. They prepared treats for the vaccinated and arranged tables and chairs as per the rules of social distancing. By the afternoon, one boy received the vaccine. No one came afterward.

The volunteers themselves had to enjoy the burgers and other snacks they brought for their about-to-vaccinate children.

The group did not conduct a door-to-door campaign this time. Instead, it advertised aggressively. Volunteers even wondered why parents are not caring enough to vaccinate their children.

According to pediatricians, teenagers don’t see risk in the way adults view it. At this age, they only bother about the short-term consequences of an action.

According to some, a pediatrician may be better equipped to persuade youngsters to get vaccinated.

Vaccination mandates too will work wonders, they observe. California is evaluating the possibility of issuing a statewide vaccine mandate for those above 12.

According to certain experts, COVID 19 is going to be there for a long. And vaccination against it is going to be a routine thing.

Health officials want schools to mandate COVID 19 vaccines for their students. Numerous vaccines are already must-haves in schools. Neighbor2Neighbor, however, hopes that there will not arise the need for a vaccine mandate

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