US Steps Up Vaccine Manufacturing For Donations

US Steps Up Vaccine Manufacturing For Donations

MD- US is increasing its vaccine manufacturing capacity in order to donate more vaccines to other countries that are struggling to vaccinate their population.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the medical advisor to US President Joe Biden mentioned in an interview on Thursday that the US is planning to distribute more Covid-19 vaccines to other countries that do not have enough vaccines for their entire population. 

US Steps Up Vaccine Manufacturing For Donations

Dr. Fauci announced that the US is now in the process of scaling up its vaccine manufacturing in order to increase its donations. Dr. Fauci mentioned that the USA will want to donate millions of dollars to low income and middle income countries.

This announcement comes at a time, when medical organizations all over the world, including the World Health Organization are criticizing wealthy first world nations for giving booster doses to their population when a large section of the world’s population has not yet received even a single dose of the vaccine.

US Steps Up Vaccine Manufacturing For Donations

Director of the World Health Organization, Dr. Mike Ryan explained the situation saying that wealthy nations are giving out ‘extra life jackets’ to their people when many people of the world are still drowning.

In response to such criticisms Dr. Fauci clarified that the USA has already donated 120 million vaccine doses to 80 different countries. They have also donated $4 billion worth of various resources to the WHO’s COVAX scheme for vaccine-sharing across countries.

Dr. Fauci defended the USA by claiming that they are successfully performing both functions. They are trying to provide vaccine aid to the developing countries of the world while simultaneously using their vaccine reserve to provide booster shots to their own citizens.

Fauci claimed that rising number of Delta variant infections are a major cause of worry in many states of the USA and there is a fear that if cases continue increasing then it could lead to a crisis in the number of available hospital beds. Fauci believes that increased vaccination is the only method to control the rising surge of cases.

Fauci believes that the USA still has a long way to go to control its Covid situation. He claims that at present there are nearly 90 million people in the USA who are eligible for taking the vaccine but have not yet taken a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. Fuaci said that the US government’s priority at this time is to vaccinate every American who has not yet been vaccinated.

Fauci said that he cannot predict when this new Delta outbreak will reach it peak of infections. He pointed out the US example where it was found that the rising number of Covid-19 infections gradually eased out after a few weeks of accelerating trend.

Some doctors believe that once the Delta outbreak subsides Covid-19 could just become another endemic disease. It will be present in the population, but in low levels. It will become kind of like the flu virus that affects people at times throughout the year, but Covid-19 infections will of course be much more dangerous than the common flu.

But Fauci is of the opinion that while the general flu virus requires annual vaccines, the Covid-19 virus will probably not require regular annual infections. Fauci feels that a third dose of the vaccine will be enough to generate long-term immunity against the virus.

At present USA is trying to step up its vaccination drive and vaccinate the unvaccinated population of the country. At the same time plans are also on to introduce booster third dose of vaccine for fully vaccinated individuals starting from this fall. The booster dose has not yet been approved by the FDA and the CDC, but it seems to have the support of many heavy-weight medical experts of the country.

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