US Stand Last In Healthcare Amongst 11 Wealthiest Countries

US Stand Last In Healthcare Amongst 11 Wealthiest Countries

As per the report from the Commonwealth Fund, United States, despite spending the highest percentage on healthcare, is last on the ranking of healthcare amongst 11 of the wealthiest countries worldwide.

There are many problems that the country is experiencing in affordable healthcare and which leads to the disturbance in access and equity. At present, the US has the most administrative obstacles in terms of dealing with healthcare. This is the situation despite that the country is spending about 17 percent of its GDP on healthcare, which is much above the remaining ten countries, as the report suggests.

US Stand Last In Healthcare Amongst 11 Wealthiest Countries

Other countries in this list comprise France, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, the UK, and Switzerland. The ranking is based on a total of 71 measures across five areas, including administrative efficiency, equity, and access to care, care process, and healthcare results. As per the reports, unlike other countries, the US does not offer universal healthcare coverage. Also, Americans are likely to have problems regarding medical bills paid and also have their insurance denied.

The majority of Americans say that they spend ample time on paperwork for medical bills.  They also deal with lackluster access to care as most people go to the emergency rooms for non-emergency care. The lead author and senior vice president for policy and research, Eric Schneider, told Washington Post that ‘we have almost two healthcare systems in America, one is for people with insurance and another is for people who are uninsured.’

US Stand Last In Healthcare Amongst 11 Wealthiest Countries

The US did well in one area, which is the care process. The population is likely to get mammography screenings and flu vaccines and converse directly with doctors on nutrition, alcohol use, and smoking. Unfortunately, health statistics reveal all realities of having the worst healthcare system as the US has the highest infant, maternal, and avoidable mortality rates.

The country also has less support in many areas like unemployment protection and early childhood education, which ultimately leads to poorer health outcomes. The country’s weal healthcare is the main culprit, which made it harder for the US to handle the covid-19 pandemic.

What’s the latest?

The US reports over 94819 cases on a seven-day average as Delta variant continues to rise, specifically in areas where people are not yet vaccinated. This seven-day average offers an accurate picture of how fast the cases are rising. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top US infectious disease expert, the cases can be doubled to about 200000 per day in the coming weeks because of the highly contagious delta variant.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden requested Republican leaders in Texas and Florida to follow public health guidelines on the pandemic so that the spread of the virus can be halted. As per city data, about 60 percent of New Yorkers have received one dose of vaccine. But there are certain areas where largely poor communities or communities of color still have low vaccination rates.

Now many private companies are mandating vaccines to get safe from infection. Even today, Dr. Fauci now warned that covid cases in the country may double while a corona variant worse than Delta will be coming. He says that ‘if America’s present surge continues and will not fall till winter, the country will likely face more deadly strain of the virus. He also added that ‘we are lucky that the vaccines we have are doing very well against the variant.’ But he clarified that if another new variant starts to spread, there can be many severe conditions, and we all could be in trouble. Many people are still not getting vaccinated, thinking that it’s only about them, but it is about everybody.

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