Study: U.S. Shooters Remain Untreated For Mental Illness

Study: U.S. Shooters Remain Untreated For Mental Illness

A recent study had published that mass shooters in America are been suffering from mental illness is not treated even they commit the crime. Due to the violence of gun shootings, many people are suffering from mental stability and some people have resulted with death.

Study: U.S. Shooters Remain Untreated For Mental Illness

Dr. Ira Glick noted from Stanford university of school and medicine that, “don’t lose the hope in the larger perspectives for the people who are most violent are not considered as ill, compared to the mentally ill people who are not encouraged by the violence”.

Study: U.S. Shooters Remain Untreated For Mental Illness

A message is given to mental illness people, lawyers, and mental health providers that the public should maintain awareness among themselves for unmedicated patients who are suffered from the increase in the risk of violence.

According to a survey, many people including children, adults, and old people are attacked with mental illness and deaths because of gun violence. This study is proved by an Australian study. Violence is categorized as firearm-related, with domestic violence, killings, and terrorist attacks. 

Glick and his team investigated the violent incidents and reported that there are 35 cases reported on mass shootings which are happened in the years between 1982 and 2019. The team had also found one-third of mass shootings occurred worldwide between 1996 and 2012. Washington had also posted the records about 163 mass shootings in the US between 1967 and 2018.

According to the medical evidence based on the various sources on mass shooters had shown the results of 28 mental illness affected people are under diagnosing treatment. Among 28 people 18 of them are having schizophrenia and another 10 people are under the treatment of the bipolar disorder, personality disorder, substance-related disorders, and delusional disorders.

According to the study published by the psychopharmacology of journal clinic, 28 mass shooters are affected with mental illness and under the diagnose treatment. The remaining shooters are unmedicated and didn’t receive further treatments for their committed crimes.

Glick had studied the incidents and started an investigation with his colleagues to examine the 20 shooters who are dead at the crime place. The crime scene had found eight people who are having schizophrenia, seven shooters were found with mental illness and need urgent care for health diagnosis, and the other five shooters were found with unknown treatment. All the shooters who are under medication and unmedicated are not receiving proper guidance and medication treatment. 

The researchers and investigated had pointed out the situation of mass shooters and their committed incidents with a high frequency of shooting events in the US. No medical research was conducted nor examined and treated those incidents as natural incidents by treating the mass shooters as mental illness people.

The authors at a recent news release of Stanford had stated that psychiatric disorders are identified among the perpetrators of the mass shooters who are suffering from serious illness of the brain. Mass shooters are in much need of a proper diagnosis for heart diseases.

The medical conditions of mass shooters are noticed and the team decided to reduce the bond between the diseases and patients who are enabled to acquire the treatment with a serious psychiatric medication. Researchers added a note that, talking to the patients will have a significant improvement to save their lives.

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