Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton Explains Why She Wanted To Tackle A Dramatic Role With The Lincoln Lawyer

Becki Newton had never appeared in anything quite like The Lincoln Lawyer before, and she explained that being able to do something different was part of the appeal of taking on the role. “I was really drawn to the character of Lorna more than anything else and the idea of ​​playing that character in a legal dramatic context,” Newton shared. “I thought this was a different kind of tone than I’ve ever had before and something I really wanted to tackle and I’m really glad I did.”

While Newton knows the Netflix drama is unlike her previous appearances on the small screen, she was nonetheless determined to bring her usual upbeat energy to her character. “I was grateful to the writers and producers for allowing Lorna to be colorful and a little bit wacky and a little bit different,” Newton admitted. “So I was able to bring a lot of myself and what I love to do into this character, but then ground her in this world, in the context of this law firm. So it was really great to still be able to be colorful, still be bold, but in this very, very strong female character.”

The 10-episode first season of The Lincoln Lawyer is available to stream on Netflix.

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